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The past few years have witnessed a remarkable change in market trends with various new technologies gripping the market. In this scenario, it has become inevitable for companies to maintain their hold on the market through effective business strategies. Irrespective of the size of the organization, quality service enhancement forms an integral part of a business development strategy. Various kinds of automated software support solutions are now available that assist companies in improving and implementing rapid service and support standards. This kind of support software makes best use of all available resources while helping the companies improve the efficiency of their support standards.

What is this free support software? This customer service software is basically a very powerful and easy-to-operate helpdesk software and support center. With the help of this free support software companies can effectively handle and improve their interactions with their clients. This support software is the most effective web-based product with intelligent features that is completely focused on improving your company’s service and support standards. This customer service software basically makes use of open source software tools to share information within a software environment so that all know problems can be easily identified and solved.

The main aim of this free support software is to enable companies to deliver on-demand support and service to clients with one single powerful tool that is capable of helping businesses grow. Companies can make use of this tool to support their business goals and improve their service standards. Let us look at some of the main benefits of this free support software.

•This customer service software explores the power of online self-service and its potential to develop healthy customer relationships and deliver viable cost savings to the company.

•This free support software is a comprehensive help desk solution that aims at improving the company’s productivity.

•Effective and less complicated e-mail management is possible with the help of this support software that is capable of handling, routing and designating email.

•By integrating your client gateway with the trouble-shooting software one unified system fully equipped to manage your customer support needs is created.

•With the help of this centralized system, customers can are equipped to handle their product and service issues themselves.

•This customer service software gives the company a sophisticated understanding of its customer profile that would contribute to a healthy business relationship.

•By taking into account the various kinds of complaints received and clarified, the company will be in a position to focus on improving its product standards and service quotients.

•This support software enhances the nature of customer interactions thereby creating a fundamental basis for a solid business.

•This customer service software acts as a catalyst to transform organizations, empower employees and capitalize on new and emerging market opportunities.

•This support software is the most effective way to ensure that your customers receive complete attention and accurate information about the various products and services.

•This customer service software is helpful to increase company’s sales by improving customer knowledge, by managing their sales channels proactively and by effectively managing their channel structure and alignment.

•The support software assists a company in reducing its operational costs and enables it to focus completely on its business enhancement strategy.

•This customer service software eliminates the need to purchase any application licenses thereby avoiding the cost and labor that is associated with development, operation and support of in-house solutions.

The support software assists in a company’s business development strategy with its varied and dynamic features. This support software basically functions on three main focal points namely trouble ticketing management, Live Chat Application and knowledgebase section. Trouble ticketing management is a full ticketing system that encapsulates the whole spectrum, that is from generating a ticket to attending to it and closing it. This is an entirely configurable application that can be customized by incorporating your own business rules. The live chat software is a simple configurable application that focuses on chatting with support personnel in real time towards solving any product oriented query. This is the company’s ideal tool for enhancing its service level. The creation of the knowledgebase software aims at educating the clients to solve their queries. This lessens the work load of the company’s technical team as it provides your clients with self support for all common queries. Ideally, this free support software is a one stop shop for all aspects that pertain to tackling all issues pertaining to services and support.

Some of the other allied features of this free support software are easy collaboration, setting up of different help desk “sites” each with its unique URL, multiple language support, external login support, automatic SPAM filtering options and many more.

Installing this free customer service software is the most economical way to improve the sales of your company, enhance its customer service and upgrade its support standards. This is the next frontier in help-desk solution that provides comprehensive support to your customers.


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